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Is your medical facility looking for used medical equipment and surgical tools that are still in excellent shape and sold at affordable prices? Let UsedStryker end your search through our selection of refurbished, repossessed, and off-lease Stryker and non-Stryker products that will certainly translate into value for money for your facility.

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We carry quality products and items for different uses in medical offices, including video systems like camera heads, monitors, light sources, and capture devices, among others. We also offer different kinds of scopes like arthroscopes, laparoscopes, and microscopes, as well as sterilization trays and scope adaptors, to name a few.

Also part of our inventory of refurbished medical equipment are power tools like drills, saws, power attachments, batteries, and chargers.

Some of our best-sellers include the Stryker Endoscopic towers, which are camera control units that come with additional accessories such as LightSources (X8000 / L9000), Viewing monitors (26 Vision Elect and 21" Visionelects), Pneumosures (40L and 45L), and Image Capture devices (SDC HD and SDC Ultras).

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