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Your Choice for Quality Medical Equipment

One of the key components to the successful operation of any medical facility is the reliability of the utilized equipment. While general thinking dictates that newer, and likely more expensive, equipment is the way to go, it does not always guarantee quality or performance. At UsedStryker, we specialize in the acquisition of the best used, refurbished, and off-lease used medical equipment. We mostly handle Stryker brand equipment, but also expertly deal with medical instrument sales of other brands.

Refurbished Equipment with Reasonable Pricing

We provide you used medical equipment for sale that substantially meets your medical facilities’ needs, without significantly taking away from your operational budget. Using our experience and technical expertise, we are able to make sure that the medical equipment and instruments which you lease or purchase from us are of the highest quality and reliability, from video systems (with parts and accessories), all types of medical scopes, and even power tools. These don’t just include saws, drills, and complete power sets, but also power attachments, batteries, chargers. Furthering our commitment in helping you acquire the best in refurbished medical equipment, we also offer financing options, making your purchases easier to complete.

Guaranteed Quality

While most of the equipment in our inventory is from the Stryker brand, we at Used Stryker are in no way directly affiliated with Stryker or the other brands of equipment we carry. We back up the quality of our refurbishments with our own SmartCARE warranty, ensuring replacements are in place and your operations are left uninterrupted in the rare event you experience equipment concerns.

Covering All of Your Medical Equipment Concerns

If you would like to dispose of your old equipment, we can also assist you by providing you the opportunity to sell them to us. Through a simple online process, our team can be quickly at your location to pick up the old medical equipment that you no longer have room for. Our team of professionals possess a vast amount of expertise when it comes to the Stryker brand of products, as well as with that of other manufacturers. We are eager to provide you any assistance or information you need regarding your organization’s medical and surgical equipment sales needs, and conveniently put as much information as possible at your fingertips via our website.

Contact Us

To learn more about UsedStryker and what we can do for you or your medical organization, we invite to call us at (510) 903-8994 or send an email via our Contact Us page.

UsedStryker is a subsidiary of Northbay Networks, Inc. and while most of our inventory is Stryker equipment, we are not affiliated in any way with Stryker, or any of the other brands we carry.