Medical Device Sales Expected to Grow—Perks of Refurbished Equipment

2014.11.14 | Posted by:

Different medical facilities, such as surgery centers and hospitals, use various refurbished or high-quality used equipment to perform specific procedures or operations to aid in patient treatments. In fact, according to research, this industry is expected to increase its sales by 2017 as demand for refurbished medical equipment continues to grow in different countries around the world. Here’s a supporting excerpt from an article published at

The global refurbished medical equipment/device market is poised to grow by 7.8 percent over the next four years to reach $8.45 billion by 2017, according to a recent report.

The market --- worth about $5.8 billion in 2012 --- encompasses devices for imaging-diagnostic-monitoring systems, minimally invasive devices, biotechnology instruments and others.

Demand for these devices varies worldwide, with North America and Latin America generously accepting them. Asia and the Middle East are promising markets, though countries like China, Australia and Japan restrict refurbished medical device imports.

Everyone who plans on buying certain equipment—be it for medical or any other commercial purpose—always thinks that the more expensive an item is, the more efficient it is. However, in the field of medicine, used machines are refurbished, sold, and bought by various surgical equipment sales experts. This cost-effective strategy is done to meet their client’s budget and at the same time provide top-notch and reasonably priced service to patients.

Refurbished medical equipment are typically used equipment that are fixed up or reconditioned by leading manufacturers or third party agencies. These machines have been improved with new parts to make sure that they are optimally functioning, can still be used for surgical procedures, and are able to meet industry standards.

Medical facilities that are on a tight budget should consider investing in refurbished medical equipment because of its different advantages. These have been repaired, tested, and installed with upgraded parts by the refurbishing company or manufacturer, ensuring that they are fully functional and in good working condition. 

Needless to say, refurbished medical equipment is less expensive than brand new equipment, often as much as 40 to 60 percent less. Even better is the fact that most refurbished tools or machines come with adequate warranties.

Medical device sales professionals encourage different health facilities to not be hesitant about refurbished medical equipment as these are good as new and definitely cost-effective. Finally, make sure to buy from trusted distributors of new and refurbished medical equipment like Used Stryker to ensure the quality of the items you’re investing in.

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