The Practicality of Purchasing Used Medical Equipment over New Ones

2015.01.05 | Posted by:

Even though purchasing used medical equipment might seem odd to the uninitiated, it is, in fact, quite common. The medical field requires the use of specialized equipment, and it is not practical to keep throwing away and buying new set-ups every time. This is not only because of financial reasons, but also because some of the equipment can actually still be used and it would be a waste to dispose of these. In addition, such a choice prevents waste and is an environmentally-friendly move.

When buying used equipment, the condition and the quality should be evaluated. While it has already been used, it doesn’t automatically mean that it has seen extensive utilization; it could have only been used once or a few times, so it is important to find out from the seller the degree of wear and tear to assess the overall condition.



There are also refurbished medical equipment that have been repaired in some way or fashion after being used. Some may have only required cosmetic repairs, others would have had certain parts replaced in order to work correctly, and still others may have undergone full refurbishments that have restored them to conditions as close to factory-fresh as possible. Sometimes, refurbished items might even incorporate several upgrades to improve performance and longevity.

The important thing to keep in mind when buying used equipment is to thoroughly inspect and test it to check if there are any possible hiccups or points of improvement in the way it works. Every function should be tested to ensure that all of the equipment’s features are working. Any cosmetic problems should also be addressed, though these are usually minor issues and do not affect the performance of the equipment.

There are a number of companies that carry used medical equipment for sale, such as UsedStryker. These sellers offer a diverse selection of gear and tool that can meet the needs of any hospital or medical facility. Such companies can also buy your used equipment off of you and pick it up themselves. What’s more, financing options are available to help buyers get the exact equipment that they need.

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